A|B is a leading sartorial custom tailoring brand, offering clients an individualized experience under the direct guidance of a menswear fashion visionary Angel Ramos. Angel is renown for his effortless style in artisanal menswear, using the highest quality fabrics from Italy and England. 

"I see a brand that is recognized globally for being synonymous with unparalleled sartorial style, amazing quality and unmatched customer service. I see a global brand, one with private showrooms around the world, with sartorial clothiers who have a passion for menswear and want nothing else but to convey that passion to customers globally. I see a company that passionately loves bespoke clothing but loves people more. A company that is in the relationship business. I see a global company known for mastering the art of serving customers while taking them through an incredible and memorable bespoke clothing process. The company I see has worldwide impact. I see a company that is ahead of the curve, understanding our customer’s every sartorial need and providing it with elegance and grace. I see a brand know for giving where there is need. This company is ANGEL | BESPOKE."


- Angel A. Ramos