If someone were to ask me, “Angel, what belt style would you recommend wearing with this suit?” I would stop them right there and reply swiftly, “None”.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to belts on a suit for me, the answer is always, always a no. And here’s why. Whether someone is looking at you from top to bottom or from the bottom to the top, when the eyes reach the middle, a belt will disrupt his or her gaze, as the view is no longer uniform, no longer smooth. The belt, visually speaking, cuts you completely in half.

The one thing that I will support and actually love for myself and my clients on a suit trouser, is a side buckle.    Functionally it is very easy to loosen if you gained a little weight or ate a little bit to much for a meal.  You still get the right fit but it is more flexible and adjustable.  I love this and next time you want a belt on a trouser, ask for this!!

I am a big supporter of the clean waistline. Let’s face it – if we’re being frank, almost all of us are trying to elongate our torso or elongate our legs, or what-have-you. Therefore, a belt just tends to cut you off. That’s why I always say, NO BELTS, (when it comes to suits.) The only exceptions for me include when wearing a belt with a nice causal pair of jeans OR with a pant that is very casual and cotton-filled, but TROUSERS? No way… not now, not ever.