Between my recent infatuation with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and the inspiration I draw from my friends over at The Armoury on the daily, there was little doubt that the high-waisted trouser would eventually make its way into my closet and ultimately win me over. Even as of recent while attending Pitti Uomo, I was a high-waisted trouser-wearing machine.

Nowadays, guys mistake tight trousers for slim trousers and in turn, end up in pants far too taut and far too cramped to be worn in public, much less private. Pants worn too tight will really cramp your style, both physically and emotionally. For me, having a mostly athletic build all my life, tight pants just won’t cut it. Therefore, I find more appeal in a high-waisted trouser, as the pant sits naturally where it was intended.

A menswear enthusiast, insider, client and friend Kamau Hosten (The Ideal Pursuit) wearing his ANGEL | BESPOKE suit shows us how to wear the high waisted trouser for the office and how to dress it down for the day.  I am constantly inspired by the 20s and 30s where wearing tailored suits, no matter what socio economic class, was just the norm for a gentleman. 

As one of the last frontiers in men’s fashion in history, the high-waisted pant has officially made a comeback. They’re actually incredibly comfortable. The truth is, I’m publically acknowledging that I’ve fully embraced them and support all of you fellow well-dressed gents in doing the same.