When it comes to style at Pitti Uomo, there were two suits that really caught my eye at the event, the seersucker and the classic beige solaro suit. I love that these classics are still a mainstay in the fashion world. With a demographic of dapper men ranging from 20-60 years old, it was beyond refreshing to see so many classic looks made unique by the individual. Probably a son of designer, maybe 13 years old, who was crushing it every single day.  You can’t go to Pitti Uomo and not come back without having taken away something.





Seersucker is another must-have this summer. Unlike linen and mohair, it’s got a rough feel but it’s an all-cotton fabric that is threaded so tightly together it gives the material a wrinkleD, puckered look. The most common way for a man to don seersucker is in stripes, although now, it’s also cool in micro check.

Closer seer sucker.jpeg



This iridescent fabric can easily show off, but it's foundation was  established in the military.  The contradiction of the textile has caused it to be associated with connoisseurs of style who show great composure.  It is often worn in the summer but is definitely a great piece for spring and fall.

Our friend Alan See, The Armoury Hong Kong

Our friend Khaled Nasr, (IG:Sartoriomerta)

This year, I was really looking forward to seeing the guys from The Armoury as well as Luca Rubinacci.  Their styles are very impressionable. The Armoury is always coming in very chic, this time with a classic summer style that is easy yet elegant -- a “studied carelessness” perhaps, aka Sprezzatura – my favorite word from the Italian vocabulary. And then Luca Rubinacci , hailing from generations of tailoring – his work evokes elegant demeanor with such great edge.

As for inspiration at this year’s event, although I’m typically not into it, I’m easing my way into the high-waisted trouser scene. I applied it to several of my looks while at Pitti Uomo. In doing so, everything I wore ended up fitting much nicer.  Give it a try!